Vesuvius National Park

Campania is undoubtedly one of the reasons in the world to have the greatest concentration of tourist sites of interest. A wide variety of attractions that allow you to enjoy a magnificent experience for lovers of cultural history, but also of natural beauty. In particular, for those who want to make a journey through history, geology and nature, the advice is to visit the Vesuvius national park.

Volcanology enthusiasts and especially those who want to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, can make a wonderful excursion that will also allow you to enjoy some centuries-old crops that allow, thanks to the peculiarities of the land, to have a truly unique taste of its kind.

The Vesuvius National Park was born to protect all this territorial area on June 5, 1995 and has as its main objective also to preserve some animal and plant species, but also the geological singularities, the landscape scenarios, water balances and all that it is connected to the volcanic territory of the Vesuvian area. The visit to the Vesuvius National Park allows you to enjoy an incredible biodiversity starting from the so-called stretch known as the Gran Cone. A real natural path that starts from the square located at about 1000 meters above sea level in the municipality of Herculaneum and which retraces all that was the provincial road Herculaneum – Vesuvius.

However, many other paths can be taken into consideration, and to be precise 11 for a total stretch of 54 kilometers. The paths are also divided by physical difficulty and also by the possibility to enjoy suggestive panoramas, agricultural cultivations or perhaps for an educational path.

In this area, moreover, it is also possible to enjoy museums and archaeological areas, but also historical buildings and villas dating back to past times. In short, visiting the Vesuvius National Park means enjoying a wide naturalistic, geological and historical offer.