Salerno and surroundings

The city of Salerno, its province and more generally the whole Campania region offer unique opportunities to discover enchanting places, natural and landscape beauties and places of historical and cultural interest.

Salerno is a pearl set between two wonderful coasts both UNESCO heritage, the Amalfi Coast which with its wonderful villages attracts millions of Italian and foreign tourists every year and the wilder Cilento Coast which with its hills covered with olive trees that are reflected in the blue sea of ​​the Tyrrhenian Sea it has always been a crossroads of peoples and traditions.

Salerno is a city rich in history and art, ideal for those who love to get lost in the alleys of its historic center to discover the ancient churches, the Cathedral of San Matteo and its museums. At the same time it offers many opportunities for fun thanks to its shopping streets and nightlife that animates the city every evening.

There are many possibilities for nature and sport lovers. There are several hiking trails that find in the Amalfi and Cilento coast ideal places to enjoy the mountains and the sea at the same time. For sports and fun lovers there is the possibility of practicing rafting or canoing in the gorges of the heat river, paragliding from the hills of Capaccio or Windsurfing from Cetara thanks to the winds that develop at that point of the coast. Finally, jogging lovers will find a perfect backdrop on the Salerno seafront for a jog in the cool hours of the morning or evening.