Culinary traditions of Salerno

The city of Salerno and its entire province is not only a place to visit for its scenic, historical and cultural beauties, but also an area where you can enjoy incredible culinary traditions that will delight any palate.

Probably, among the most famous and appreciated, it is undoubtedly the so-called lemon delight. A dessert, now cleared through customs all over the world, which allows you to make the most of the quality, aroma and flavor of the classic lemons of the Amalfi Coast. The delight was invented in 1978 by the master pastry chef, Carmine Marzuillo of Sorrento, which gives it the so-called shape of a dome formed with sponge cake, inside which is inserted a tasty lemon-based cream from the Amalfi Coast or Sorrento . A delicacy that can be eaten safely at the end of lunch or maybe in the afternoon.

If you think of Salerno and its province, the attention is immediately won by the famous buffalo mozzarella. A goodness exported all over the world that can be used both for gastronomic preparations and for being consumed alone. Among other things, the advice is to choose the so-called Zizzona di Battipaglia, a city in the province of Salerno, which is also very satisfactory in size.

Remaining on the confectionery theme, among the traditions of Salerno most appreciated not only by tourists, but also by the citizens themselves, there is the so-called Scazzetta made for the first time by the famous Pantalone Pastry Shop. A very special dessert that can be purchased and tasted in its original version by walking quietly in the historic center of Salerno. In particular, it is a not too high sponge cake inside which a cream has been inserted, or rather a filling made with wild strawberries and red glaze on the surface. Its name derives from the fact that it recalls in the forms and colors the classic headdress of the cardinals who, in dialect, is precisely called scazzetta.

Returning to the lemons of the Amalfi coast, a typical product of the cuisine of Salerno, is the so-called limoncello. A digestive highly appreciated also because of its pleasant taste that is made with the juice of lemons and in particular with their peel through the process that also involves the use of water, alcohol and sugar.

Another typical dish of the culinary tradition of Salerno is the stuffed spleen which, according to tradition, is mainly consumed on September 21 of each year on the occasion of the celebrations of the patron saint San Matteo. A very particular preparation that involves the use of a padding inside the spleen based on garlic, chopped parsley and chili pepper. Everything is then cooked with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar in such a way as to obtain an excellent and characteristic sauce. It can be eaten like this or it can also be placed inside a sandwich.

Another typical dish that is prepared in Salerno and also in its province, is the so-called ciambotta. A dish focused mainly on the use of some types of vegetables such as aubergines and peppers exclusively cut into cubes with excellent potatoes. A truly unique dish of its kind also for the nutritional contribution to which it allows access.

Another typical product known all over the world are Giffoni’s hazelnuts. It is a PGI product that has been cultivated since the third century BC. Giffoni’s hazelnut is used in almost all the culinary preparations of the Salernitana tradition and especially for desserts, but also for savory dishes as in the case of ravioli filled with ricotta and hazelnut.

In short, in the city of Salerno and throughout its province, there are many culinary traditions that can capture the attention of tourists and travelers without forgetting the possibility of appreciating other delicacies that are typical of Campania and that can be easily traced as in the case of babà and sfogliatelle, the pastry, the typical Neapolitan pastiera or dishes that involve the use of poor ingredients that over time have been appreciated as they deserve also for their excellent nutritional contribution.

Among other things, some of the typical products of the province of Salerno are part of the famous and much appreciated Mediterranean diet which allows precisely to obtain an optimal balance as regards the diet, preventing many pathologies.