Tour between the cities of the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast offers many ideas for its visitors who come in large numbers every year from all over Italy and the world. Proclaimed in 1997 by Unesco as a World Heritage Site, the Amalfi Coast can offer not only incomparable landscapes and dream seaside destinations, but also represents a true earthly paradise for hiking lovers.

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Countries to visit on the Amalfi Coast

Along the highway 163, between endless curves, it is possible to enjoy a truly unique naturalistic spectacle of its kind which represents the perfect symbiosis between the hilly descents and the blue sea. Along this route you can cross villages of great artistic and cultural value embellished with a legendary story to say the least.

Over the centuries, the coast has been among the most sought after destinations by some of the most appreciated and famous characters in the history of humanity, as in the case of Richard Wagner who found inspiration in the small village of Ravello to compose one of his most famous works , the Parsifal.

Vietri sul Mare, Cetara, Praiano

Coming from Salerno, the first town you come across when entering the Amalfi coast is Vietri sul Mare. A delicious seafaring destination which represents the gateway to the Amalfi Coast and which is above all famous all over the world for its incomparable ceramics.

Continuing, you can appreciate many small villages that are mainly inhabited by fishermen. Among these is Cetara which, in addition to guaranteeing a much sought-after sandy beach, is also appreciated for some culinary delights, among which the famous anchovies of Cetara stand out.

We also meet the small village of Furore with the incredible fjord that can be reached by walking a few kilometers to enjoy a truly extraordinary scenery.

Very appreciated is also the village of Praiano which, inside its main square, has a church dedicated to San Luca evangelista which has a facade made of a particularly white stone that allows it to act as a real beacon for all the Amalfi Coast. An effect that can be appreciated especially at certain times of the day.

Minori and Maiori

Very characteristic is also the town of Minori which is called not by chance the Narcissus of the Amalfi Coast, due to its fertile lands. In fact, within Minori, the greatest quantity of citrus fruits are produced, especially lemons and the so-called melarance, born from the fusion of apples and oranges.

Maiori, on the other hand, is one of the villages with the largest surface and above all has the longest sandy beach on the entire coast. Here you can appreciate different gastronomic delicacies and, in particular, the pastry art of the master Salvatore De Riso or maybe you can walk in incredible trekking routes that allow you to do up and down between the hills and the descents that alternate between hill and sea.

Scala, Tramonti, Ravello

Scala, on the other hand, is the oldest town on the entire coast and in particular it was built on a height of 400 meters above sea level for logistical and purely strategic reasons as regards the military. In fact, from this small village, you could enjoy a global view of the entire coast and especially the open sea in such a way as to glimpse possible enemies in the distance.

Tramonti is also very fascinating, its territory spread over about 145 hectares of woods and terraces located right on the slopes of the Lattari Mountains. Here the sea is not the real protagonist, but certainly you can console yourself with many delicacies that are grown directly on the territory as in the case of lemons, olive trees and excellent wine.

Continuing along the path to discover the beauties of the Amalfi Coast, one cannot but be literally enchanted by the beauty and culture of Ravello. A real gem that is located on a small hill overlooking the entire coast and where many Roberto Rossellini films have been shot. An enchanted place where you can also enjoy great tranquility, as well as many delicacies of a gastronomic nature.

Positano, Atrani

Another village that certainly should not be presented is that of Positano. A pearl set between the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento peninsula. A location that is taken by storm every year by many tourists and above all by famous celebrities fascinating by an urban layout that is not confirmed anywhere else in the world. Positano is magic, tranquility, but also elegance and high fashion. During this summer, there is no shortage of cultural events, fashion shows, artistic performances and much more.

Very characteristic is also Atrani which is the second smallest municipality on the whole Italian territory. It has the classic charm of the fishing village, but inside it can count on buildings and monuments of great interest from a historical and cultural point of view. For example, in the central square, there is the church dedicated to San Salvatore which during sunset hours, due to a truly unique optical effect, is capable of changing color. An extraordinary emotion that is absolutely worth living.

Amalfi and the Cathedral of Sant'Andrea

Finally, but not least in terms of importance and beauty, there is the extraordinary Amalfi. A glorious past that has seen it be part of the four maritime republics, dominating far and wide the whole Mediterranean not only from a commercial point of view. According to the legend, Amalfi has very ancient origins and in particular it seems that it was born thanks to Hercules, son of Jupiter who, having fallen in love with a woman named Amalfi, wanted to build this city which because of its blue sea reminded him of his eyes of his beloved. There are many monuments that must be absolutely visited in the center of Amalfi starting from the ancient Arsenal located in the Port area, up to the Cathedral built in Sicilian Arab style and dedicated to Sant’Andrea. Do not miss the famous Cloister of Sant’Antonio built in 1920 and La Torre dello Ziro, which has become famous all over the world for being the place where the tragedy of Giovanna the madwoman took place.

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