Ferriere Valley

When we talk about the Amalfi Coast we tend to think in our imagination of the extraordinary beauties of Amalfi, Positano, Maiori, Minori and all the other places bordered by the highway 163 with its endless curves. In fact, there are many other locations of interest especially for nature and excursion enthusiasts.

In particular, in the beautiful city of Amalfi, in addition to visiting the majestic Duomo or the fascinating Arsenale, located in the ancient part of the port, you can also enjoy the magnificence of the natural reserve, Valle delle Ferriere. A protected area located between the mountains of Scala in a real inlet carved over the centuries inside rocks. Here you can make a wonderful excursion in contact with a microclimate that has been preserved intact thanks to the protection of the rocks themselves allowing you to enjoy the beauty of endemic plant and animal species.

The route allows you to cross small torrential rivers that create small, but suggestive waterfalls and above all to enjoy the classic Mediterranean scrub and other forms of vegetation that alternate with the ruins of ancient factories. Thanks to the presence of streams, in the Valle delle Ferriere you can also enjoy a recently restored hydroelectric power station and above all the Ruins of the Ferriere from which the name derives.

Thanks to this factory, active since the fourteenth century, nails were made for all the needs of the territory that allowed to make the Montanari shoes, but also solutions addressed to the shipbuilding industry with the magnificent ships with which the Republic of Amalfi could control much of the trade within the Mediterranean Sea.

Taking an excursion into the Valle delle Ferriere means enjoying a natural habitat completely different from the classic situation found on the Amalfi coast and in particular you can visit a stream with small sources of water very laden with calcium bicarbonate which also allow the formation of a characteristic travertine.

For nature lovers, it is a real paradise on earth also because there are different types and species of rather rare animals such as the spectacled salamander and the spotted salamander, without forgetting the tritons. To reach this wonder, you can take a path in the form of a path that is practically the entire path of the Rio Canneto river, starting from a height of 630 meters in the hamlet of San Lazzaro in Agerola, and then reaching the end in the wonderful historic center of Amalfi. Among other things, being a path that is not at all tiring, it can be tackled by anyone.