Sorrento Peninsula

In the southern part of the Gulf of Naples, a few kilometers away from the excavations of Pompeii, there is the much appreciated Sorrento Peninsula. A promontory of land which anticipates the Amalfi Coast and which above all divides the Gulf of Naples from the Gulf of Salerno. A magnificent area that extends in a stretch of territory also covered by the Lattari Mountains and which above all leans almost to touch the island of Capri, with its wonderful Faraglioni.

The Sorrento peninsula begins with the town of Vico Equense, and then continues with many other places, many appreciated as in the case of Sorrento itself or perhaps Massa Lubrense. A magnificent area that has been shaped by the various volcanic eruptions that have occurred over the centuries and that today can offer truly unique landscapes that have enchanted and conquered many characters of great depth. Massa Lubrense is among the towns most considered not only for those who want to have a magnificent seaside experience, but also enjoy tranquility and lots of history. For example, you can visit the cathedral of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which was built during the sixteenth century, but resumed in some parts during the eighteenth century. It is located in the so-called Punta Campanella which is part of a protected marine area and which above all allows you to enjoy a fantastic view of the island of Capri which magically appears on the horizon.

Sorrento is also very famous, the theater of films shot during the twentieth century, but also of many poems and songs that inspired artists of various kinds. An area that has also been affected in an optimal way by some dominations that have followed one another over the centuries starting from the Byzantine one up to the Turkish one, without forgetting the Norman one.

Sorrento is a fantastic and unmissable destination as it allows you to enjoy beautiful alleys that intertwine to give a wide view over the whole gulf. Of course, here there are many beaches to consider and arranged within a few kilometers of each other.