Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods is an absolutely unmissable experience for trekking and outdoor excursions enthusiasts. A breathtaking path that winds between the hills and the sea in a naturalistic landscape that is unmatched in other parts of the world. Overall, the Path of the Gods is about 7.8 km long and takes just over 3 hours.

It starts from Agerola and in particular from the hamlet of Bomerano at an altitude of about 650 meters, and arrives in Nocelle, a hamlet of Positano at an altitude of 440 meters. It is an absolutely must-do experience especially during the spring period as you can also enjoy the flourishing of nature by finding in front of you therefore a path where orchids abound and above all the classic Mediterranean scrub.

It starts, therefore, from an area that is still in view of the sea and instead arrives in a mountainous territory, however, crossing a wide variety of surfaces. For example, there will be paths on bare rock or maybe you will cross woods and undergrowth characterized mainly by the presence of chestnut and maple trees.

Along the way, moreover, you can have a real gastronomic experience and above all the tradition of the territory of the Amalfi Coast. There will be the opportunity to dive into the terraces and crops, as in this area they are quite relevant especially with regard to lemons, oranges and melarance. Among other things, excellent wine is also grown and an extraordinary oil for its peculiarities and organoleptic characteristics.

In some places, the experience will be a bit like taking a trip back in time as there will be uncontaminated man-made environments where there are several farmhouses now abandoned for some decades, but which are a perfect testimony to the local tradition.

The advice, before walking along this path which is still quite expensive from an energy point of view, is to proceed in the direction of Positano. A tip necessary for two rather simple reasons. In the first place, going in this direction, you can have the morning sun that is covered by the mountains, which allows you to walk peacefully enjoying the coolness of the shade, an aspect that is certainly not secondary especially if you take into account that the entire route is practically without any kind of protection. Secondly, in this direction for photography enthusiasts you will have the perfect light available to get truly incredible snapshots.