Capri and Ischia

From Salerno it is possible to reach the beautiful islands of Capri and Ischia in a rather simple way, by means of special ferries. Two real pearls in the Gulf of Naples and which represent some of the most popular destinations in the entire Mediterranean Sea.

Daily, there are several trips scheduled to reach Capri or Ischia according to what are your needs. You can also think of making a day trip to visit both, perhaps dedicating the morning to the island of Capri and the afternoon to that of Ischia.

Capri has always been a prestigious destination in the collective imagination also for the presence of its wonderful Faraglioni, which on full moon nights also knows how to excite as much as ever with its evocative colors. Especially in the second half of the twentieth century, the island of Capri was stormed by some of the most influential personalities from the world of entertainment and politics. Strolling around Capri, at that time, above all meant meeting exceptional Hollywood stars or characters of historical and political importance.

In Capri you can enjoy the beauty of Marina Grande or let yourself be transported on a splendid walk starting from the square through the various alleys that also allow you to enjoy a beautiful panorama with the entire Gulf of Naples in the background.

Ischia is also a very popular island where there is no shortage of bathing establishments and spas and where many visitors stop every year to restore their body and spirit. Needless to say, all the beaches of Capri and Ischia can offer blue and extremely clean water.

In short, thinking of a trip of even one day between the beauties of Capri and Ischia means enjoying a lot of relaxation, but also of magical places capable of recreating an atmosphere that is unmatched. Moreover, Ischia, in addition to being rich in many thermal water establishments, also offers visitors the opportunity to visit numerous monuments and places of interest from a historical point of view as in the case of the Aragonese Castle, practically positioned on a small rock directly on the sea ​​or maybe you can visit the fascinating Torre di Guevara, also known as Michelangelo’s tower.

In the various areas, moreover, there are museums of different kinds such as in the case of the archaeological one of Pithecusae, near Lacco Ameno.