Are you looking for a B&B to visit the illuminations of Salerno?

Thanks to its position in a restricted traffic area, the B&B Peter Pan leaves its guests the opportunity to live their Christmas holiday in Salerno in peace, without giving up the nightlife of the city.

Stroll through its streets, visit its promenade, the famous Corso Vittorio Emanuele renowned as a shopping street, the beach of Santa Teresa.

But not only!

Among the alleys where our location is located it will be perfect to taste the local specialties thanks to the prestigious restaurants or to the small informal places and kiosks. Via Roma is one of the most popular streets to stop and eat something.

Through the small shops you can find the works of the oldest crafts in the world, such as that of the craftsman. Not to mention the renowned artist lights.

Take advantage of our holiday offers in Salerno

Where to sleep near the artist's lights and Piazza Portanova?

Choose the Peter Pan B&B during the Christmas period.

The location is located in the historic center of Salerno where the city is tinged with many colors, people from all over the world love to visit its lights that create real scenes along the streets and in particular in the famous enchanted garden.

To visit the Luci d’Artista in the center it takes an average of 4.5 hours but the ideal would be to stay overnight at least a couple of nights.

A few meters from the guest house in Piazza Sedile di Porta Nova every year the largest Christmas tree in the city is placed and set up.

The B&B is located right next to Via Roma where the Villa Comunale is located, a paradise for children, but also for adults thanks to its enchanted gardens.

Starry rainbows, real caves consisting solely of lights, constellations, flowers, animals and much more to be discovered. Nothing more magical! The illuminations of Salerno and the enchanted garden.

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