San Matteo patron of Salerno

In the city of Salerno, the celebrations dedicated to San Matteo are always extremely heartfelt and go far beyond the traditional bond that unites a community to its patron saint.

The tradition of paying homage to San Matteo by respecting the iron traditions has its roots in the extraordinary narratives concerning his history, starting with the so-called miracle of the manna that occurred on the occasion of the transfer of the body from the Cilento areas.

On several occasions, moreover, San Matteo would have protected the city in a providential way: in 1544 he removed the Saracen pirates from Salerno, while in 1656 he wiped out the plague from the town that was spreading just the day before his feast, which already at the time was strictly respected.

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When is San Matteo celebrated in Salerno?

The dates that Salerno consider relevant to pay homage to their patron saint are two: May 6, or the day on which the translation and the relative miracle took place, and September 21, or the day of the patron saint.

Although rites and tributes dedicated to St. Matthew are also held in the city in May, the most important date is certainly that of 21 September: it is precisely on this day that the Feast of the Patron Saint St. Matthew is celebrated.

This event involves all citizens in a lively way and is an event rich in tradition and folklore, therefore it is not surprising that it manages to attract many tourists every year.

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Tradition has it that the procession dedicated to San Matteo starts from the central Corso Vittorio Emanuele passing through via Velia, via Roma, via Portacatena where there is the church of the Annunziata, finally passing through via dei Mercanti, where the B&B Peter Pan is located, right up to to the city Cathedral.

The absolute protagonist of the procession is the splendid statue of the patron saint, made entirely of silver and adorned, for the occasion, in every little detail: tradition has it that the statue of St. Matthew is transported by the workers of the port and this has a strong value symbolic in that fishermen have always considered this saint as their protector.

However, that of the Patron is not the only statue to march during the procession, it is possible to remember the statues of the young Saints Martyrs Anthes, Gaius and Fortunato. also made of silver, the precious statue of San Gregorio VII, dating back to 1742, and the wooden bust of San Giuseppe.

During the procession real rituals are respected such as the blessing in front of the Palazzo della Provincia, in which the statue is rotated towards the sea, the blessing at the Palazzo del Comune, where there is a large window dedicated to the patron, a very important stage is also that in front of the barracks of the Guardia di Finanza, since San Matteo is also the patron saint of this Italian military corps.

In addition to the liveliness and folklore that color the streets of Salerno on September 21, it is interesting to remember that San Matteo is also celebrated with a great firework display that is always very choreographic and full of charm.

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