The places of Sichelgaita and Trotula de Ruggiero

To better understand and share the adventures and dreams of our heroines, let’s try to retrace their steps, albeit hidden under a thousand years of history and more or less happy events, in the splendid and mysterious city of Salerno.

We begin our ideal journey from the place that welcomed the princess in her childhood and early youth, the Monastery of San Giorgio, of which today only the church can be visited, as with the Napoleonic decrees of the nineteenth century, the premises of the monastery were used to military barracks. Even today they are the headquarters of the Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza commands.

We will continue our journey through time with a visit to the Duomo, built by the dukes immediately after the conquest of Salerno by Roberto il Guiscardo, the nerve center of the city and home to the most important ceremonies of the duchy.

Finally, we can take a furtive look at the incredible Minerva Gardens: which were the privileged seat of the Salerno medical school, assiduously frequented by the great Trotula de Ruggiero.

We then broaden our gaze by passing through the Diocesan Museum, where we can admire finds belonging to the dukes, along with other works of art from later periods; we will then visit the ancient medieval church of San Gregorio Magno, which now houses the Virtual Museum of the Salerno Medical School, to then conclude our short journey into the past of Salerno, giving us a glimpse into one of the most elegant environments of late Italy ‘ 800, the Verdi Theater, where a curious surprise awaits us.